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 Why ISOMEDIA Blazing Fast DSL Is better than Cable

Sign-up Now and pay only 19.99 for first 3 months! And only $49.95 a month thereafterEveryone’s home has had a telephone, therefore, everyone has the right wiring for DSL service. Not everyone has cable, and in homes that do have cable, the cable access point is often located in your home somewhere other than where you’ll be using your computer.  ISOMEDIA can supply you with the best DSL Internet connection available today.

ISOMEDIA DSL service is provided by Internet specialists.  Our core business is providing reliable, fast, secure Internet service.  The cable companies have to worry about regular cable TV programming in addition to servicing your Internet needs.  That lack of focus can result in customer service problems that interfere with your ability to get email or surf the web, and can cause costly billing mistakes.

Running Internet on your cable connection actually reduces the number of channels you can watch.  The cable Internet signal has to replace multiple channels to give you bandwidth to the Internet.  The same cable connection you use for television is used for Internet traffic making it difficult to give you the best of either.

Some kinds of Internet service can be disrupted, or unavailable via cable.  The cable companies have disabled certain kinds of networking technologies as a security measure, but at the same time, they've made it hard for some customers to connect to their employer’s networks or manage remote servers.  Many providers have also instituted usage caps limiting your ability to use your Internet connection to its fullest.

ISOMEDIA DSL has no hidden “caps”.  The cable company monitors your use of the system, and if you exceed an arbitrary, secret “cap”, they can cut off or substantially slow down your cable Internet service for day, a month, or permanently.  ISOMEDIA’s DSL options are the best in the market and allow you to use the Internet without hidden fees, restrictions, or loss in service quality.  Sign up online, or call ISOMEDIA today!

Sign-up Now and pay only 19.99 for first 3 months! And only $49.95 a month thereafter

ISOMEDIA Blazing Fast DSL - Just $19.99 for the first 3 Months!
Blazing fast ISOMEDIA DSL comes complete with:

  • Download speeds up to 7Mbps
  • A secure, robust Email system with 10 mailboxes
  • Toll free customer support
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Personal web page
  • Spam and virus filtration to protect your Email and computer
  • Browser plugin to block annoying pop-ups
  • A free dial-up account for use while traveling anywhere in the continental United States