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Virtual Private Servers

VPSThe following online video tutorials will walk you through the basic steps required to complete common tasks related to your ISOMEDIA Virtual Private Server. Included below are tutorials on Virtuozzo Power Panel which comes standard on your VPS and the optional Plesk Control Panel. When you click a link it will open an animated Flash based video. If you need further assistance please contact ISOMEDIA support.


Virtuozzo Power Panel


ISOMEDIA's Virtual Private Server packages come standard with Virtuozzo Power Panel for the administration and maintenance of customer's VPSs. These tutorials are helpful for those new to Virtuozzo or need assistance in getting the basic features configured and setup.

Plesk 10 & 11 Set-up & Control Panel

Parallels is now including tutorials within your Plesk control panel. Once logged in, click “Help” at the top of your panel and select “Watch Video Tutorials”.

Plesk 10 & 11 Admin Tutorials

Plesk 10 & 11 Reseller Tutorials

Plesk 9 Set-up & Control Panel


Utilizing ISOMEDIA's PLESK control panel for the first time to configure and setup your VPS or web site is fairly intuitive but having a little help can be useful. ISOMEDIA has three types of Plesk Tutorials covering several topics.

Plesk 9 Mail User Tutorials

Plesk 9 Control Panel End-User Tutorials

Plesk 9 Reseller Tutorials

Plesk 8 Set-up & Control Panel

Plesk 8 Control Panel

Utilizing ISOMEDIA's Plesk 8 control panel for the first time to configure and setup your web site is fairly intuitive, but having a guide can be useful. The below tutorials cover everything for customers using Plesk 8 control panels.

Plesk 8 Mail User Tutorials

Plesk 8 Control Panel End-User Tutorials

Plesk 8 Reseller Tutorials

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