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ColocationIf you are encountering power or connectivity issues with your colocated equipment please contact support below and a technician will be happy to assist you.


On-Site Help

Dispatch Options

ISOMEDIA can dispatch a tech on-site for basic reboots. These dispatch options are as follows:

  • No Dispatch fees during Normal Working hours 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday for on-site reboots.
  • The time it takes for tech to get onsite depends on availability and may not happen until sometime that day.
  • If there is a priority request, one where immediate action is needed, a technician can be dispatched for $125 with the understanding that there may be travel time involved which is outside of ISOMEDIA's control.
  • This fee will be assessed regardless of the outcome of the reboot, and if the request is canceled after the technician has been dispatched but not having reached the site. If continued use of field technician is necessary following general reboot, this time will be billed at an hourly rate(rounded to 1/2 hours).
  • Outside of Normal Working hours (6PM to 8AM) and weekends is $200.00

Bandwidth Usage

Check Current Bandwidth Usage

Interested in your current bandwidth usage for your colocation? You can view the live reports on the bandwidth reports page anytime.

Isomedia Data Center Facility Policies

Approved Personnel, Customers, and Visitors shall at all times while on the Premises comply with ISOMEDIA Security and Safety procedures. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Only those approved by the ISOMEDIA Access Control Group are allowed entry to these facilities.
  2. Access to these facilities is granted to ISOMEDIA support personnel, and contractors, whose job responsibilities require access to that facility.
  3. All visitors will check-in with facility staff before entering the facility.
  4. Visitors must be escorted in card access controlled areas at all times.
  5. Access cards and/or keys cannot be shared or loaned to others.
  6. Lost or stolen access cards and/or keys must be reported to the Access Control Group immediately at 206-236-9552.
  7. A service charge will be assessed for access cards and/or keys that are lost, stolen or are not returned.
  8. Cards and/or keys must not have identifiable information other than a return mail address.
  9. By entering these facilities you agree to be recorded on video and have your actions monitored.
  10. Card access records, video surveillance, and visitor logs for these facilities are kept for routine review.
  11. Customer shall not seek, acquire or obtain access to any equipment, supplies or facilities in the premises or colocation facilities that are not licensed to Customer by ISOMEDIA or owned by customer. Customer shall not take any action to effect other licensees' equipment, utilities, connectivity, or security.
  12. Customer shall not run any wire or other connection outside of Customer's cabinet or rack. Only ISOMEDIA or its approved contractors will provide installation work and materials to complete the work. If you need further work completed please contact facility personnel or your sales executive.
  13. No wireless access points are allowed. A public wireless access point has been made available for your use.
  14. Visitors are not permitted to take photographs inside these premises, without prior written approval.
  15. Dedicated cameras are not permitted onsite. Cell phones and laptops equipped with cameras are permitted, but photographs are not permitted without permission.
  16. No Pets, or animals of any kind are permitted on premises.
  17. No food or drink will be brought into the premises.
  18. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed access unless prior approval is granted by ISOMEDIA.
  19. No action causing premises doors to become ajar and no modifications to premises security systems.
  20. No use of the premises for activities, whether lawful or unlawful, that the building owner determines to be harmful to its tenants, operations, reputation, goodwill, or customer relations will be tolerated. You shall comply at all times with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances relating to the use of the Colocation Space.
  21. The premises may not be used for illegal or unethical activities such as, but not limited to, denial of service attacks and unauthorized access to other computers or networks. This includes actual unauthorized access and precursors to attempting such access such as port scans, vulnerability scans, or other information gathering activity except as part of a vulnerability assessment executed with the knowledge of the owners of the tested system. Other attacks not mentioned are also not tolerated, to be decided at the discretion of ISOMEDIA.
  22. Customer shall dispose of trash, boxes, and crates outside these premises.
  23. Customer's shall not leave or store any equipment, supplies, trash or other materials outside of Customer's cabinet or cage at any time. These materials may be removed by facility personnel at Customer's expense.
  24. Customer shall not post any signs or markers outside cabinet without express permission of ISOMEDIA; Common sense and courtesy to other tenants in premises or facility should be observed at all times.
  25. Customer shall comply with all security requirements that ISOMEDIA may impose from time to time.
  26. Customer equipment shall be inventoried, along with assigned rack information, periodically by facility personnel to ensure compliance with these policies.

If you are witness to a violation of any of these rules you are obligated to notify facility personnel immediately.

Violation of any of these rules, or service agreements can result in termination of access and any or all services ISOMEDIA is providing to You, or your Company.


If you require assistance or in case of emergency please contact the
On-Call NOC Operator at 206-236-9552

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Customer Support Hours

  • Monday - Friday
    6:00AM to 8:00PM PST
  • Saturday & Sunday
    9:00AM to 6:00PM PST

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