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All of TrueRing's business features come standard with every package regardless if you have just one phone or twenty. If your business has more than one office location, just add another phone to your account and that office gains all the features that come with TrueRing.

Are you on the road a lot? Just take your TrueRing phone with you and plug it into any internet connection to make and receive calls, or use your laptop and internet connection to utilize the virtual phone software and its like you never left your desk (customer responsible for updating 911 address information when moving a phone). TrueRing services include all of the telephone features you have come to expect plus the new ones that allow you to run your business better and faster - all standard with every TrueRing plan!

Basic Features of a Class 5 Phone system TrueRing is loaded with all the phone features you already know; caller ID, call forwarding, call transfer, call hold, call waiting, 3-way calling, redial, do not disturb, speed dial and hook flash.
Unlimited Free U.S. & Canada Calling TrueRing gives you Unlimited Free calling in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Canada to any number, anytime. This excludes Alaska and Puerto Rico.
E911 Local emergency operator assistance.
Choose a local, or national DID for your number TrueRing provides your choice of local numbers available in over 85% of the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. With TrueRing you can use other region's local numbers, allowing your company to show a local presence by pointing local numbers in other geographical areas to your specific location.
Call Forwarding Whether you are on the road, at home or on your way to the dentist, TrueRing's call forwarding option is the best way to forward your phone to any number, anytime.
Consultation Hold TrueRing lets you put your call on hold, call a third party, or hang up and resume your conversation with the original caller. Requires a compatible phone.
Directed Call Pick-up TrueRing allows you to answer a call directed to another user, or phone.
Call Barging TrueRing allows you to join a call already in progress
Disable or Enable Caller ID TrueRing gives you the ability to enable or disable your outgoing caller ID number.
Monitoring of employee call status TrueRing enables a user to monitor the call status (idle, ringing, busy or on the phone) of another user with in the company. Requires compatible phone
On-site Phone Administration or Star Codes TrueRing allows you to use the star codes you already know and use. i.e. *67, *69, *82 etc.
Business Conferencing Rooms TrueRing makes up to 100 active conference connections available at any time, with this option, you can give an agent a "Reserved" conference room with the peace of mind that their room will not suddenly become unavailable. Optional service, service setup and usage incur a charge.
Virtual Faxing to your Email TrueRing allows you to direct faxes to an email address of your choice for a specific phone number. These faxes will arrive as attached PDFs in your email in real time. Virtual faxing makes sure you always get that important fax no matter where you are.
Business Voicemail
Enhanced Voicemail TrueRing Voicemail gives you messaging capabilities through phone and Internet access. While Voice Messaging gives you the power to customize personal greetings, listen, forward and save or delete your received voice messages.
New Voicemail Notifications When you pick up your headset a stutter tone will indicate a voice mail is waiting for your review, this is in addition to the visual illuminated indicator on any phone devices capable of this function.
Voicemail to Email TrueRing makes it easy to listen to voicemails on the go. Voicemail messages are delivered as a .wav file to any email address you specify. If available, the caller’s name and number will be included in the subject line.
Administrative Features
Auto Attendant TrueRing Auto Attendant greets callers and gives them menu options that facilitate routing directly to a person using the dial-by-name or enhanced dial-by-extension option. Auto Attendant is fully managed by your system administrator.
Hunt Groups With TrueRing's hunt group routing the system can automatically forward a call to the next number programmed in a sequence you choose. Whether it's a sales call or a phone call from abroad, never miss that important call.
Call Log Reporting TrueRing offers a record of all the calls for the entire organization. Access to this CDR data, or log, is available to the account administrator.
Customized Music on Hold TrueRing allows you to chose the music your caller hears, as specified by you.
Administrator Web Control Portal TrueRing’s easy to use web portal allows corporate administrators to manage their call routing futures from anywhere an internet connection is available.

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